About Above All

Stephen Zin has worked in the roofing industry for more than 30 years. He’s operated roofing companies in Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, and Oklahoma. He founded Above All Quality & Service in Oklahoma in 1998 because, as he puts it, there’s no place like home. And he had a vision for the roofing business in Oklahoma.

In his years of experience in other states Stephen learned a great deal about the way different parts of the country regulated the roofing industry, especially licensing - where roofers needed to have insurance and licenses to operate. Stephen found that this regulation leveled the playing field and helped ensure that roofing companies worked for the client, not for insurance companies, and kept the overall quality of work higher. These are the standards that Stephen brought with him when he came back to Oklahoma, where, by contrast, all someone needs in order to call themselves a roofer is a pickup and a ladder: no license, no insurance, no outside quality control.

So why come back? For the ties of home and family, of course, but also because of Stephen’s commitment to quality and service, above all. For him the quality of his family’s life, and the quality of his work, were more important than amassing capital. Stephen saw an opportunity to make a difference in the roofing industry in Oklahoma, to be able to set the standard - not because he was required to, but because he could and it’s what he believed in. Stephen has always felt that if you make quality and service the main building blocks of your company, and customer satisfaction your top priority, the business will follow.

The growth of Above All Quality & Service over the years bears out the wisdom of Stephen’s vision.