Our Services


We install residential and commercial roof systems of the following types:

  • Composition: All weights and styles.
  • Wood: Cedar shakes and cedar wood shingles. We specialize in Brazilian Ironwood.
  • Slate: Stone, and engineered of all types.
  • Tile: Clay of all types and concrete of all styles.
  • Metal: Standing seam, and R-panel of all shapes and colors.
  • Flat: Hot asphalt and modified bitumen.

We give our clients advance notice of at least twenty-four hours prior to delivery of materials, and our experienced professional installers start in a timely manner. We value our clients property and do our best to protect all windows, pools, plants, and gutters while installation is in progress. Our installers only remove sections of the roof that will be completed or worked on the same day, to minimize weather exposure.

Wherever nails are required we hand-nail - no nail guns - thus ensuring a tighter, straighter, more consistent job, which lasts longer. We also roll and sweep powerful magnets around the perimeter of the property and landscape, to ensure the collection of loose nails. Above All Quality and Service provides commercial customers daily communication with your Sales staff and Quality Control department; for residential customers we contact the homeowner directly.

Above All Quality and Service asks for no up-front payment or deposit. Final inspection and your approval of all completed work are required prior to payment.

We install all roofing systems in strict accordance with manufacturer specs, and provide a labor warranty that covers our clients inside and out.


As our reputation for quality and reliability has grown, so too has our business and today we are fully occupied with roofing. However, we still take on construction jobs, and provide the same level of quality and service that we do in all our work, so please contact us for additional information.